Read the Phenomenon

If we live in the Prophet’s time, what is in our minds? Imagine the condition of pagan society. There was a mother was giving birth. Beside it was a hole dug. If a daughter was born, the boy immediately buried alive. But if a man is born, then he smiled and brought home a baby.

At around the Kaaba, hundreds of worshiped idols. In any houses there. Every day people around him. Elsewhere, someone worship a statue made from bread. He asked for something on the statue. He was hungry and asked for permission for the statue to eat. Then he stuffed up but god. So he will make another new god.

Imagine also a woman surrounded by 10 men. They were her husband. In addition they should not have approached him. He just had a baby. Guess who the father of the baby? Yes, one in 10. But that woman had authority. He made the lottery. One of them should be chosen as the father of the baby. So it was he who brought her baby.

It’s a little picture of ignorance in society at that time. See Muhammad’s condition since he was small. In his youth he was hanging out with his people without the bandwagon to pagan customs. Maybe there is an inner conflict. Clean heartstrings do not accept the fact ignorance in society. But he was confused, not knowing what to do. So he alone and contemplate the condition of his people to come to the guidance of Allah, “Iqra!”.

“Read!” Gabriel told. But Muhammad could not read! “Read the name of your Lord who created! Who created the human being from a clot. ”

What to read? In the verse does not mention the object that should be read. So this is a large order. At that time the Prophet was confused and told to read, though he could not read. So what needs to be read not only written in the books. Not poetry chanted people, while he hated the poet at the time. He was confused and told to read, “Read with the name of your Lord!”.

Now back to us. We are not at the time of the Prophet. But if the phenomenon is now no rage? To ponder that ignorance is not limited to a particular period. Ignorance is the mentality and way of life that deviate from the nature insaniyah. So read this life. Read all the phenomena around us. “Read the name of your Lord who created!”

Look with your heart. There are different types of teenagers in a room together without marital status. There are forced to become a mother before the legitimate wife. Meanwhile a young man who committed suicide because of his love was rejected by the girl’s idol. There are high school students who committed suicide because of worry did not pass the exam, do not want to disappoint grandparents who cared for him. Students who fail to study free fall from building its campus. Also had students from elementary, because shame delinquent fees, end of life in the noose. Read, what is this phenomenon?

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