Nur Arif Hidayatmo August 20, 2009 at 18:19

Have we ever thought, what do we actually live? For a purpose of what we have on this earth? Why is the color of our skin is created differently? Why should there tribes that different? The point is, why should there be a difference? Is not “equality” is much better, so that will make us not going to fight forever?

For what purpose are we, nature, human beings and the differences, created side by side with us?

Odds we created just so we grow old every day, school, work, married, had children and grandchildren, and then after it finished ….

There must be a “destination” why all this exists.

God who created the universe and all that is this explained everything to us:

And I did not create the jinn and men but that they were Worship (worship Me).
[The wind flying (Adz Dzariyat): 56]

If this is the first point, that He is God the Creator of the Universe who has created us so that we should worship Him, and for what purpose God created our parents, our closest relatives, orphans, poor people, neighbor – neighbors, peers, people in transit, as well as slaves?

God who created the universe and all that is this has explained everything to us:

Worship Allah and do not associate him with something else. And do good to his mother, father, friends relatives, orphans, poor people, neighbors near and far neighbors, peers, ibnus sabil, and your servants. Truly Allah loveth not the arrogant and self boasting. [Women (An-Nisa ‘): 36]

This is revealed to us, so we told them-they are still able to treat him well.

Then on everything in the universe of this feast, God who created it, reminding us of events at the beginning of creation:

Remember when your Lord said to the angels, “Verily, I will create a Caliph on earth.” They said, ‘Why do you want to make a Caliph on earth who will make mischief therein and shed blood, but we always celebrate with praise you and sanctify You? “And God said,” Verily I know what ye know not. “[Cows (Al Baqara): 30]

Universe may have been invented before us, trees, vast seas, blue mountains, forests, green valleys and misty, clear rivers that flow murmured, was not allowed by God the Creator of the Universe to us damaged. As for life-human life, we are not allowed to spill blood arbitrarily.

For this purpose we were created.
And we created not alone.
We have side by side with nature and fellow human beings who were created into nations and tribes.

Then who the Lord is the Creator of the Universe?

Praise be to Allah, Rabb (Lord) of the Universe.
[Opening (Al-Fatihah): 2]

He has introduced Himself to us. And He is Allah. With that name we call Him. Call:
Allah … Allah .. Allah is my Lord …. I would not associate him with anything and with anyone …
[Allah … Allah … Allahu Rabbii …. La usyriku bihi syaian ….]

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