What can we do in the month of Ramadan

Nur Arif Hidayatmo August 22, 2009 at 7:11

And the Angels cried:
“Hey good lovers, rejoice!
O lovers and ugliness, stop! ”
[in the history of Ahmad and Nasai]

Not to say cruel and berating.

Reading Al-Quran day and night, the best we can.

Pray five times with the congregation.

Doing tarawih and Witr prayer.

I’tikaf and seeking Laylat al-Qadr, at least in the third end of Ramadan.

Dhuha prayer, between the hours of 6 morning to 11 daytime, as an expression of our gratitude and worship that can open the doors of abundance.

Recall evil we have done, then multiply seek forgiveness, and forgiveness.

Do 2 rakaat Fajr before Shubh, because the Shalat Fajr  is better than the world and everything in it.

Two rakaat Sunnah before Dzuhur and 2 rakaat after.

After Maghrib prayers, there are 2 rakaat sunnaah, read Qul yaa ayyuhal KAAFIRUUN in the first rakaat and Qul huwallahu ahad in the second rakaat.

And there are still 2 rakaat after the evening, try dividing the light from God to do it at home, so we come home in glory.

Memorizing the Holy Quran is far better, than your leisure time much remains unfilled.

It’s time to remove the existing good on you, help people, lighten the burden, share with others, take out some property, cook food and give people who do not have anything to break, field trip to the neighbors because it is a beautiful Sunnah.

Put lights in the road to the mosque or mushala. Remove rocks, twigs, tree tops, from the streets so that people will go to the mosque or mushala not blocked.

Take out due to the feeling of happiness before the fast was over.

And glorifying, glorifying God throughout the country, filling the sky with the Takbir, in a clear night, when the new moon comes to replace the blessed Ramadan.

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