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Nur Arif Hidayatmo 05 Oktober 2009 at 13:18

Surah Yusuf in the Qur’an, is almost entirely tell the story of Prophet Joseph. Quran Surat Yusuf explained that this is the story of the Best (Yusuf: 3). Actually there is also the story of Jacob in this letter is no less beautiful. And the following are lessons in the Surah.

When Joseph entered into a well by his brothers, and clothes covered with the Prophet Joseph fake blood by his brothers to suggest that Joseph had been eaten by a wolf, with a sad feeling Jacob said,

“… Then that’s good patience (patience). And God alone who sought His help against what you say. “(Yusuf: 18)

The journey of Joseph’s story is not over. He was sold as a slave with a very cheap price, and bought by an official who was in Egypt. When growing up, the official wife seduce Joseph. He was close all the doors so there is no place for Joseph to shelter from the slander. Joseph simply said,

“I seek refuge in Allah, my lord it has treated me well.” (Yusuf: 23)

Joseph eventually accused intend to philandering, and recommended that he be punished with prison or painful punishment. Officer’s wife was not finished doing tricks. He even invited all the women who were in town to see Joseph. Joseph simply said,

“O God, I love prison more than fulfill their invitation to me …” (Yusuf: 33)

Joseph was in prison and interpretate the two friends’s dream very well. That ability is a gift of God. Joseph said,

“… That that is part of what Taught by my Lord. Actually I have left the religion of people who do not believe in Allah, while they disbelieve in the Hereafter. “(Yusuf: 37)

Finally, Joseph was released from prison. In front of the King, Joseph’s wife requested that officers and the women who were in town to tell what really happened on that day, which made him imprisoned for an act that was never done. They said,

“Allah, we do not know anything bad from him.” Aziz’s wife said, “Now it is clear that truth, I’m the one who teased her to seduce him (to me), and in fact he (Joseph), including the right person.” (Yusuf: 51)

Joseph also admitted something that lust is always sent to the crime,

“And I do not absolve myself from guilt, because the real desire is always sent to the crime, but the passion that God Given Blessing to me. Surely my Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “(Yusuf: 53)

Joseph was appointed State Treasurer, as an overflow of God’s grace and as evidence that God does not waste the reward of those who do good. (Yusuf: 56)

Jacob years grieving the loss of Joseph, who either still alive or no longer exists. And during the past years, the Jacob kept saying,

“… Then that’s good patience is my patience. I hope Allah will bring them all to me For He is the Knower, the Wise. “(Yusuf: 83)

Because extremely grief to Joseph, Jacob’s eyes turned white due to sadness. The people said to Jacob ‘

“By Allah, you always mention of Joseph, so that you suffered from a severe illness, or among those who perish.” (Yusuf: 85)

Jacob simply replied,

“Verily, to Allah I complain of my distraction and anguish, and I know from Allah what ye know not. My children, you go, look for news about Joseph and his brother and not to despair of the mercy of Allah …. “(Yusuf: 86-87)

Finally they found Joseph. In front of him, they confessed all his fault. Is Joseph revenge on his brothers? No!

On the day there is only forgiveness.

“On this day there is no reproach against you, I hope God forgives you, and He is the Most Merciful of all loving.” (Yusuf: 92)

When he put the clothes of the Prophet Joseph to Jacob’s face, he could see again. Her children are used to plot against Joseph, they requested that his father ask for forgiveness to God, and they acknowledge his mistakes. Are the Prophet Jacob vengeance upon them? No!

In the day there was only the good prayers.

“I will ask my Lord for forgiveness for you. Verily He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. “(Yusuf: 98)

The letter closes with a beautiful verse.

“Surely, in their stories there is a lesson for those who have a sense ….” (Yusuf: 111)

And Allaah knows best.

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