Following The Manual of Life

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Hamim Thohari 29 Agustus 2009 jam 14:37 Balas

When a factory produces some machineries, then sends them to the markets, manual must be included with the products as well. That is to give a right guidance to users how to operate the machine correctly. And, nobody will deny the importance of the manual and decline to follow its instructions. Ironically, when God created His creation, including mankind, and He gave the Holy Scripture as akin to a manual, not everyone is ready to accept it and make it as his guidance.

Whereas, to live as human being on the earth is far more complicated rather than to operate machinery, more urgent to get true guidance for life than man needs a manual for operating his automotive. A lot of questions of life cannot be merely answered by sheer brilliant thoughts of a wise man. The intellectual capacities of mankind are not without limit, however smart and brainy he is. So vast distance that man has to traverse, inevitably needs a complete map and a true guidance. The Qur’an comes to be a map of life and true guide. Otherwise, man will go astray and if only he could reach the destination but from the wrong way!

To say that life is vast and sequence – spanned from the time of nothingness, except the existence of the Almighty God, to the Day of Resurrection and then to live eternally – is something difficult to be grasped by sheer human intellect. According to the Qur’an, mankind at a particular time was nothing to be mentioned. Then by God’s favor, mankind was brought into being as spiritual realm and then was firstly attached to corporal entity in the world of his mother’s womb. There, mankind was already a living being made of spirit and body. Further, they are brought into the Here-living (Worldly life) with the most complete and the best faculties ever given to the living creatures in the universe. And, it is not the last life. Still we are treading the road to the next stage of life. That is an after-death-life in the grave realm. Only after the Day of Resurrection, where every living being will be raised from the death, mankind will be undergoing eternal life. Over there, mankind has no choices but either be happy with Paradise or be unlucky with the torment of Hell-fire.

Qur’an told us that this Worldly life is nothing but resemble to a game and play. To make the life meaningful and the game becoming fruitful, one has to follow the rules of game. By exercising a fair play and supportive game, you will come out as a true champion. Hence, the Holy Qur’an plays important role to guide you toward the right path to follow.
Basically, human being without transcendental guidance could not understand what actually should he do for his life in this world. Some people are running after his biological and sexual pleasure. Others are satisfied with the idea that life is merely to accumulate wealth, to fight for prestigious position and then to perish without any further responsibility.

Brother, If our life is only for that material purpose and perishable thing, it is as if we are running after a mirage. How a dull and regretful game then the life is! The Great Master of the World, Muhammad – peace be upon him – reminds us, that man thinks every time of his wealth, whereas he has none but three kinds of wealth; what he ate, so he has emptied it, what he wore, that means he has ruined it and what he gave as charity and good purpose for the sake of God, so he has saved it for his future life. If one does not have the third type of his wealth, then he has nothing at all. How low then the value of his painstaking work and effort as long as his life, when it has just been paid with thing that changes into droppings and matter that becomes nothing. The Caliph Ali ben Aboo Taleeb said, “One whose life is only for satisfying his stomach, his value is not more than what is coming out from it.” How bad it is! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s come and follow the guidance of the Qur’an to make our life more meaningful. [24/07/08]

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