Ulama’s View of Qur’an

Untuk anggota Quranic Enlightenment

Aisyah Edward 30 Agustus 2009 jam 14:43 Balas

Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyyah RaheemahuLlah said :

“ The purpose of Al-Quran sent down to us is as contemplation for us, to be analyzed, to be remembered as our entertain, to be interprate in best form, we belief in assuredly also obey the orders and avoid the prohibitions as hard as we can do”.

We can harvest useful knowledges which brings us to Allah SWT from It trees and wisdom. Both from It plants and flowers. Al- Quran is Allah’s love letter which guides us everything about HIM for everyone who wants to know HIM.

Al- Quran is the way which given to everyone who wants to walk with towards HIM. Al- Quran is the bright light fades the darkness. Al- Quran is Allah’s Mercy which given to us for our goodness, for the goodness of HIS creation. Al- Quran also connecting the servants with their creator Allah SWT when the others was broken. Al- Quran is Allah’s main gate where we can enter it when other gates were closed

Al- Quran is As siraath Al mustaqeem ( straight path ), never been wrong and never made an aslant opinion. Al- Quran is Adh- Dhikrul Hakeem ( wise remembrance). Will never makes our willing and our desire lost n far away. Al- Quran is An Nuzhul Al Kareem ( noble gift ) will never satisfy the ulamaa’ because of Its unlimited miracle, undissapeared verses and no incompatible guidances.

Everytime we strength our Al-Quran view in our thinking and contemplating, everytime will be given a guidance and knowledge. Everytime we dig up Its content everytime will shine the wisdom swiftly. Al- Quran is eyes’s light shining the blindness, heart painkiller heals the pain and its emptiness, soul for heart, luscious presented and precious garden for soul, also guidance towards peaceful land …”. Ameen

(From ‘Ibaadatul Mu’mi, author : Amru Khalid)

Hope we can feel what the ulamaa’s feel and follow their path… Ameen

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