Your Gratitude will protect you from Adzab

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Nur Arif Hidayatmo August 27, 2009 at 11:15

There are feared by all who are still alive, When will it go later, whether it all done during worship is enough to remove all the evils that ever do?

If it was not enough, what else can protect us from adzab?

Perhaps few people know that was The Gratitude to God can protect us from adzab. God himself is telling us through the Prophet.

See the following translationof Qur’an:

“Why God will cast torment you if you are grateful and believe …?” [An-Nisaa ‘: 147]

Linking between GRATITUDE to God and faith, because one sign of good faith, he becomes a person is a clever-grateful servant. So if we want to know whether our faith even more increases or decreases, try to ask myself how much, or as good as what we are grateful for all that is already present in our lives.

Apparently, Allah SWT will also increase and a favor, few or many favors that, depending on which we express SYUKUR. The more we express gratitude, blessings given to us WILL also be more and more.

“…. If you are grateful, surely I have the added pleasure of you ….” [Ibrahim: 7]

So if we want additional grace from God is never finished, then we must never ending to express our SYUKUR to God.

Some hate it when we are grateful to God. There is not like when the grace of God continues to flow to us because SYUKUR never stopped us to tell God. He never tired or neglect preventing us so that we keep forgetting to not grateful to God. And he is the devil.

“Then I (Satan) will come to them from the front, from behind, from right and from their left, so that you will not find most of them grateful to you.” [Al A’raaf 17]

Then after dinner if we GRATITUDE by saying:
“Alhamdulillaahilladzii ath’amanaa wasaqaanaa waja’alanaa minal muslimiin … (all praise to Allah who fed us and our drinking and have made us Muslims).”

Or when we wake up from sleep is very good, some of us are there who can not sleep:
“Alhamdulillaahilladzii ahyaanaa Ba’da amaatanaa wa maa ilaihinnusyuur ….( all praise be to Allah, who have turned on us after we die, and to his place again).”

Or when we waste water, which makes our bodies feel good, while some of us experience bloating, can not urinate, constipation:
“Alhamdulillaahilladzii adzhaba ‘anniyal adzaa wa’aafanii (all praise be to Allah, who has been away from me inconvenience and for that I feel healthy).”

God’s decision must be fair. God is never unjust. Sometimes in life we are never given a moments trouble or suffering. But we also must have been moments of grace. And what often happens is that we do not like to God when we are given the disaster, and we are so grateful to God when we are given a lot of favors.

Prophet Muhammad did not meet with his father when he was born, we were more fortunate. At young age, his mother died. His grandfather is protecting, caring, very loving care and also died. Having joined his uncle’s death followed.

In such a small age he has suffered loss after loss of loved ones. That’s tough. But what happened was amazing, on every night he got up and stood to do a very long prayer. And when he was asked, he simply replied:

“If I can not be a person who likes to thank?” [In the history of Bukhari and Muslim]

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