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AS Ibrahim Finding God
How smart a Babylonian youth who live isolated from the customs of his people. Because, he thinks more advanced than they are. In his solitude, he found about the nature of consciousness itself, and how misguided the condition of his people. He also criticized, “you make it proper idols for gods? Actually I saw you in the true error. “Thus he includes a person who was given ‘vision’ will glory Lord. And so he became a man full of faith (Surah 6: 74-75).

Also when he was ‘looking’ Lord, immediately rejected all heavenly bodies are buried, whether it’s stars, moon, or sun. So he said, “Truly I have turned my face to the Lord Creator of the heavens and the earth, tend to the true religion, and I am not among those who ascribe Him.” (Surah 6: 76-79).

Is there a contemporary figure like, or at least learn from it – one of the two Khalilullah among men? When there is a ruler who offhand ‘kill’ people – a clear or hidden – there’s rulers pretend to be gods, like the king of Babylon Namrudz is challenged by Ibrahim to be able to turn on and off, and then summoned the two prisoners, he killed one and he let the others remain alive? But when challenged to publish from the setting sun, he paused a thousand languages (Surah 2: 258).

Sacrifice of Abraham AS
AS Ibrahim is not like most observers who likes throwing criticism but then run the risk would not accept it due to his criticism it easier than criticized. But Ibrahim, he remained steadfast to criticize zhalim people and aberrant behavior of his people. Although after that he was thrown into the fire blazing, he was not the slightest trepidation. And then he had to migrate from the country. So the departure to the west (to the Palestinians to set foot in the land of Pharaoh) – is fixed in order to sacrifice to the Lord (Surah 35: 95-99).

What kind of sacrifice of a wife who recommended his wife to her husband? And when the blessed Ishmael as proof that God heard his prayer – and Allah is Hearing – then the sacrifice after it bigger. What kind of sacrifice of a husband and father, who loved his family, leaving them in the barren valley of no-crop farming – in the house of Allah (Ka’bah) is respected? To do all that? That they establish the prayer, so that made the hearts of men tend to them, and so God gave them sustenance in barren desert with fruit that they may give thanks (Surah 14: 37).

Who is the more he heard, when God revealed to him through a dream that he slaughtered his son, God or Satan the tempter who follow? In fact, he still meant sacrificing the heart of the child in her lap. That was done without forcing the child who started growing up, because it is the same child has a sincerity and patience. Later, the story of the family’s sacrifice to be one ummah following ritual milla (teachings) of his – the pilgrimage to Iedul Qurban.

That figure beloved of God. He has made himself an intelligent. When he saw himself and the universe, watching the behavior of his people, he did not see it as something being alone. He saw the essence behind it, that he should taqarrub (draw near) to God.
So all the sacrifice was not for himself, wife, children, descendants, or to his people. Sacrifice is only for God. No wonder if he is called Khalilullah – in addition to Muhammad – because his heart was filled only with the name of his Lord. But the sacrifices made for the Lord that is good for him, his family, and followers. And see what we continue to call his name in the prayers after our Prophet shalawat top end of time.

Muhammad sacrifice and Ummah
Muhammad is also a smart one. He was a loner to think about the state of his people, was at the height tahannuts Hira people see the phenomenon of damage down there. And like Abraham ‘seeking’ God, is determined at the revelation come down to him “Iqra ‘Bismi Rabbikalladzii khalaq …”, not only in his mind but deep in his heart. After that is a big question mark that stretched, making ‘anxious’ for some time. But the Lord did not let the situation drag on.

When down the following verses, Be calm in his soul, but he did not necessarily calm self-smth like nothing happen. “O you wrapped up, get up and give a warning!” (Al-MUDDATSTSIR: 1-2). “O you wrapped up, get up at night to pray, but a bit of it!” (Al-Muzzammil: 1-2). It is as if the words were – as described by Ash-Shahid Sayyid Qutb in Zhilalil Fi Tafsir Qur’an – is like this:

“This is a call from the sky, the voice of God Most High Almighty again … Build … Get up to meet large business are waiting and heavy duty will be charged to you. Get up to fight and tried, active and pains. Arise, sleeping and resting time has passed … Get up and meet this business … ”

Now the verses of the Qur’an is full close beside us. And all of that in essence is revealed to us, as a guide of life. When each of us start thinking about themselves, seeking the essence or the ultimate secret that the search of humanity for this, God the Creator down something to read, so we return to Him. Have we read it with the correct reading as evidence of our faith? (Surah 2: 121). Or we have read but have not gone feel enlightened and delicacy of her? How many people read it without the delicacy of faith and sacrifice that was born from the process of reading it.

Are we crying while reading or listening to the verses of the Qur’an. It was not crying because the rhythm is calm, but because we live the content of this mean? Or we can only cry when listening to sad songs, or watching a movie and a poignant love soap operas? Really, how far we are from the Qur’an, how the lack of intelligence and sacrifice in our souls.

If we understand and are well aware, that this life only once, we have only one life and no old backup, then what will we squander this short life and filled it again with a short goal and stunted?

People who are smart always miss and seek enlightenment moment (the moment of enlightenment) in their lives. When it comes enlightenment in their hearts, they become light-hearted human being. They no longer live for themselves. They no longer live only for his family, community, or for worldly values that always imprison every man who is weak.

They live to fight for eternal values are very different from the reality they encountered. And they became like the people who held the hot coals that can not be removed, but that they should do. That is the likeness of those (ummah of Muhammad SAW) who cling to their religion. They sacrifice to uphold the values , although often ukhrawi ordeal happened to them. Or in other words, often the world does not side with them. But whether that can be done by the world against them? Nothing. Because, they have tied up all hope to the source of all hope: Allah. []

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