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Nur Arif Hidayatmo 02 Desember 2009 at 20:03

It’s been weeks I left the Quranic Enlightenment, and who knows when I can come back again. There was no intention, and no desire at all to fill up this forum again ….

Until this afternoon, something willed by God happen.

A friend told me, that there was someone who had read my writing and the writing that go with her through the days that NOT EASY ENOUGH. Her mother has cancer!

I was stunned. “Really?”

My friend nodded.

My heart is covered with guilt. Could all this time he kept waiting and waiting for the next writings on Quranic Enlightenment thought could help him survive?

I said to my friend,

“What it means light of the moon when juxtaposed with the sun? Then where the position of the stars if he had aligned with the beauty of the moon and the brightness of the sun? I myself was not the stars, or moon, let alone the sun. The light that people need to guide their steps is sufficient provided by God in the fatwas of ulama. I am not a ulama. I do not understand anything! ”

My friend was silent, and he replied,

“God gives wisdom to whom He wills ….”


Through my friend that I try to write again.

This paper SPECIAL to someone who is going through the days that are not quite easy because her mother had cancer.

From now on, Ask …..

When the doctors, medicines, and hospitals was not able to give more expectations, START NOW, ASK ONLY TO ALLAH Swt!

At that time Solomon asked God an impossible demand. He asked for a kingdom that can not be owned by people afterwards. Does God granted that request?

In the historical sites, all that proves that the demand Solomon is granted!

Perhaps if the parents are already old and his wife are also the same old and barren wife convicted, if they pray for a blessed pregnancy, their prayers will be answered by God? Is not that IMPOSSIBLE?


Zakariya and his wife who was very old and barren was blessed with a pregnancy and was born John!

Is not cancer, tumors, or whatever it is, is that verdicts filled with the impossibility to recover? What’s the difference with the impossibility of Solomon prayers and Zakariya? God had granted the prayers which we can not grant it to them in ancient times, so today was the mechanism is still provided by God.

When all the doors closed, all the gates of aid are locked tight, and all the experts and experts have raised his hand, THE DARK NIGHTS STORE OUR GREATEST HOPE!
Perform the shalat at the  third END OF THE NIGHT! Brush your teeth, perform ablution, THEN START raise your HOPE!

Do 2 rakaat as the opener. Then do pray 8 rakaat. Work on two rakaat-two rakaat, or four rakaat –four rakaat. Then cover it with 3 rakaat Witr.

After that ASK! Is the cancer will be cured with only pray to God?

God himself who promised to build the final third of the night:
“Is there ANYONE WHO asks ME, THEN I’M GOING TO GIVE WHAT HE ASKED. if someone asks forgiveness, than I’m going to forgive them. Is there anyone who pray to me, THEN I’M GOING grant his prayer. ”

ASK TO Allah! Say praise to Him, say Shalawat to the Prophet Muhammmad, ask and beg forgiveness, after that, pray. And do not stop praying before our request is granted by Him!


Once, during the Prophet Solomon, his empire hit by drought disaster. He ordered all residents to go to the field to pray Istisqa (for rain). But so is almost close to the field, Solomon stopped. He ordered all residents to come home. Why?

Apparently at the time of clearing nearing, Solomon saw an ant was lifting his front leg, as if he was lifting his hands to pray. and it turns out that ants are praying. And Solomon hears his voice. Apparently the ants that were asked of rain to God. And Allah hears that ants, because it turned out when all the people returned to their homes, the heavy rain which brought down REALLY grace of God revealed!

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