Are our prayers be heard?

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Nur Arif Hidayatmo December 14, 2009 at 7:14

Some people lazy or reluctant to pray because they think there is almost no point in praying. Prayer is an effort in vain.

You know why?

because who will pray as well, the prayer will not be up to Allah, or not be heard by Allah. Praying according to them is a ritual that SPECIAL given to the servants elected as scholars, pious people, or those who have never done bad deeds. And their prayers would not have rejected.

Not too wrong or too right nor the statements above. Read the true story below, Muhammad Salameh Jabr never told us his story more or less like this:

At that time in one night, there was a ship full of passengers who were still in the middle of the ocean. And when the weather was not very friendly. A very scary storm tossed ship and make it destroyed.

Most of the passengers could only surrender. It’s no use praying. There is no point in trying. Because of such a storm that will surely lead them all to death. Even if the storm had abated, it is no use. Because the ship would have destroyed that will make them just floating with no anyone who can save them. Expect a fisherman or a passing ship rescued them and also impossible, because there can be no sailing in weather like that. And they knew at that hour on that day and no ships scheduled over the place. They can only surrender.

But there is one of the passengers who still have hope in Allah. No matter how impossible it is a situation, when he cried to Allah, Allah must be heard. At the other can only surrender, the person’s name constantly and asking Allah for help.

What happened after that? How does Allah Help him? Is not no cruise schedule from any vessel into the catastrophe? Ah … if we knew, it was a SAVING that full of Allah’s Greatness signs!
As one by one the people who can only accept it in the sea died, Allah Is Moving things in distant places for this rescue effort.

In some places, there was a Sultan, usually after Isha he would sleep so he could get up to pray tahajjud at night. But that night he could not shut his eyes. He was nervous. He had tried to sleep but could not. Finally, he ordered one of the state-owned ships to be issued and made the voyage to Africa that night whatever the weather conditions!

Finally the ship sailed over by The Will of Allah and must pass the scene of the accident. The entire ship’s crew no one knew why they had to sail at night and for what purpose, but Allah has planned everything for an already planned objectives.

As we passed the wreck that had been destroyed, they stopped. They saw a lot of casualties. They also tried to find those who are still alive. And the surviving only one person. And it is people who constantly CALLED the NAME of Allah!!! Then the man had survived. He lived. And this story can comes to us on this day!

Such was the way Allah Save anyone who asks Him. And salvation is not unusual rescue. But the full of Allah’s Greatness Signs rescue. Allah could have led to where the fishing boats were then save the man. Or Allah could have been subjected to a wave threw him to the mainland. But Allah wants to show us all that the prayers must be heard by Allah. And those who call His Name when needed His help, be helped by Him in a way that is full of Glory.

People were just ordinary people. But he kept calling The Owner of Glory. So he saved not only by one person, but by the entire ship’s crew, and sent him a ship of the state.

What we feel when we are just an ordinary citizen but suddenly 1 military battalions came to us with an order that they are sent to escort us to our destination, and we are brought use the state aircraft? We are nobled. And always like this Allah Gives rescue to who glorifies Him. Because he kept calling and asking Allah’s Name. And His help comes with a full Glory.

Our prayers are heard, believe me. When we called, “O Allah, O Rahman, help me …” God heard our cries. Therefore continue to call and ask for Allah’s Name! Call His Name when we stand, sit, or lie down. Keep asking and keep on praying until what we ask for is granted by Him!

Between our prayers and Allah there is the hijab (the walls). And the wall was a Shalawat to our Prophet Shallalllahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam. And when we pray and then we say shalawat, hijab was open, and our prayers will reach Allah.

Allahumma shalli ‘Ala Muhammadinnabiyyil ummiyyi, wa azwaajihi ummahaatil mukminiin, wa dzurriyatihii wa wa ahli baitihi, kamaa shallaita ‘Alaa Ibraahiima wa ‘alaa Aali Ibraahim, Innaka Hamiidun Majiid.

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