From now on, ask … (part-3)

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Nur Arif Hidayatmo 07 Desember 2009 at 10:21

Is Promise  below this is not enough:

“Our Lord DOWN to the sky on a one a third of the NIGHT. At that time Allah will say ”

WHO MUST begged me I’ll give.
WHO ASKED forgiveness, he will be forgiven. “[Reported by Jamaah]

Look at the Surah As Sajdah, what would PROVIDED Allah to those who AWAKE at night to perform some Tahajjud:

“So no one who KNOW what that is hidden from them EVERYTHING IN THE FORM OF exciting VIEWS. That is the reward of their deeds of charity. [As-Sajda: 17]

Everything that is exciting VIEW OUR EYES will be given by Allah, if we wake up in the end of one a third night.

And the gift will be given to us when we do what is mentioned in the verses before verse number 17. And that’s the PROCESS that we must do.

Processes are:

BELIEVE in the verses of Allah.
Prostrate to purify and praising God.
No longer COCKY (people who have never prayed to God is AROGANT PEOPLE).
AWAKE on some nights to perform shalat.
ASK with anxiety is not granted and the great hope will be granted.
Give what we have, which Allah has given us.

Even people who perfom TAHAJJUD,
always doing good,
Who DELIVER treasure to those who need,
and who always ask for forgiveness before Fajr prayer,
THEY WILL ACCEPT ANY PROVISION OF GOD (see paragraph letter Dzaariyaat  15-19).

Hopefully this is the beginning of spring. Season in which despair will soon be over, and a FULL season with hope and dreams has just begun.

Because of that we have in life is prays.

Begin to pray!
Begin to ASK!

Remove the treasure we have, give it to the poor! After that, ask everything to Allah!
Awake in the end of one a third of the night! After that, ask everything!

And always remember these promises …

WHO PRAY unto ME (Allah), I WILL grant.
WHO begged to ME (Allah) SURE I will give.

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