From now on, ask! (part-2)

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Nur Arif Hidayatmo 05 Desember 2009 at 6:57

There was a writer from the Middle East, one point he wanted to seek an asylum in other countries. Each time he tried to take care of his administration but he always failed. It’s  complicated. Various way he passed. But his efforts were never successful.

One day he met someone, and he told him about his hardship life. He told the business that always failed in paperwork. The man was  only suggested that he has to WAKE UP at one a third FINAL NIGHT, AND THEN ASK TO GOD. Because of all what is in the world and the hereafter is only belongs to God. Then the man was reading the hadith of the Prophet,


Since that day, he no longer go anywhere. he makes alive his Nights. AT THE END OF THE NIGHT-third and then he woke up to START ASKING. In the morning he had prayed THEN ASK AGAIN. And he kept doing it for days.

Until one day he went again to take care of the administration’s request of his asylum. MAGIC, offices and officers who usually make it hard, on the day they really simplify the process of the writer. Until two days later, the writer was surprised because a letter sent to his home that his request was granted!


”O ye who believe, make PATIENT and SHALAT as your Helper, Allah is with those who patiently.” [Al-Baqarah: 153]

When we are afflicted with sorrow, we continue to try to be patient. And the will of God is not only the patient. But patience and prayer.

If the patient is ATTITUDE SURVIVES, then prayer is the attitude MOVING FORWARD. If we just be patient so we just stay silent. And things will not change until we try to change it. And how to change this is to pray.

Do pray, pray a lot!
Work Tahajjud, and pray, ask anything to Allah!
Do Dhuha, then  pray, ask anything to Allah!
Do  2 rakaat intend to pray Hajat, and pray, ask anything to Allah!
Do  2 rakaat intend to pray Taubat, and pray, ask anything to Allah!

Do pray 5 times, then pray, ask anything to Allah!
Work qabliyah and ba’diyah prayer, then pray, ask anything to Allah!
Do  2 rakaat intend to pray Istikharah, then pray, ask anything to Allah!
Do  2 rakaat intend to pray Tasbih, and pray, ask anything to Allah!


There is a true story. At that time there was a family traveling through the desert. After much was in the middle of the desert, the sun was scorching-hot. Water supplies have been exhausted there is no source of water around it and the township of occupation is far from where they were trapped. Her children cried. They would die because of their thirst  will strangle them.

As head of the family he was responsible for the lives of children. He walked to the corner of the desert but in a place that really there is no water.

When he was almost desperate, he remembered that Allah  was there. He is very CLOSE to those who pray to Him.

That’s why he does tayamum. He stood up and pray 2 rakaat. When finished, he raised his hands and prayed. He asked may Allah protect it from destruction. He requested may Allah sends down His help. He prayed with an high expectation. HE’S CRYING.

Recently hands down, on top of them suddenly there was cloudy. Then from the clouds that rained water. Niches that surround them fully filled with water. They are not only able to drink, but they could even shower. After they give thanks for all the good that they went home. But miraculously, it seems the rain is only revealed to them. Because when they stepped a bit far, around them still stay dry!

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