From now on, ask … (part-4)

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Nur Arif Hidayatmo 09 Desember 2009 at 7:29

Wait for the arrival of Friday, because there is a time  where OUR PRAYS will be granted.
Prophet Muhammad SAW said, FRIDAY is the BIGGEST DAY in Allah swt, exceeding Iedul  Fithri DAY AND Iedul Adha. WHERE THERE IS a moment when someone REQUEST SOMETHING TO HIM, but the request will be granted as long as it’s not forbidden request. [In a hadith narrated by Ibn Majah and Ahmad]
But when will that time? At what time  is it?
Prophet alaihi wasallam submit it to us:
“… That on Friday there was a time, WHERE NO ONE OF MUKMIN WHO PERFORM SHALAT then pray to Allah Ta’ala was time to coincide with was, but SURE Allah will grant his request.” [Reported by Ibn Majah]
“On Friday there is an AT which is not a Muslim had asked something good to Allaah and the timing coincided with the time, but Allah will surely grant the petition. And the time is AFTER Asr. “[Reported by Ahmad]
Or in another narration:
This event is provided by God once in a week. God gave only an instant of time for people who want to REQUESTED and pray, or in another report there was 1 hour from 24 hours on Friday.

ACCORDINGLY, just wait for the Friday. AND WAIT for the arrival of the TIME. Prepare starting today, our list of DEMAND that we will ask for God. And if Friday has come, be prepared. Wait a moment before Asr.
By the Ashar prepared to go to the mosque or Mushalla. Ashar do with the congregation. Empty the schedule between Asr to Maghrib. We try not preoccupied by anything.

Since that time we will use to ASK. During the 3 HOURS, Pray much. Ask everything  SHALL WE WANT TO GOD presented in our lives. And we should ASK THAT is really something that makes HAPPY our world and the hereafter. Know what you WANT, then Ask TO Allah. And the time, will be over when Maghrib has come.
There are two Zoroastrians, brothers who was assigned to guard the fire. His brother was 70-of-year. His little brother was 30-of-year. Until one day his brother met with Malik bin Dinar, and then he spoke in front of the creed. His brother did not want to convert to Islam because he was afraid he would be ostracized by society.
And indeed, when his brother converted to Islam, the community avoid them both. Life narrowed down. When he wanted a help, they’re not willing to help. When he asked for a job, the people no one else would give him a job.

Eventually he and his family lived in a ruin buildings. Until one day they were starving and had nothing left to eat. He went to the market and various places to work, but he did not get anything. Finally he could only to the mosque and perform shalat. And when night came, he just went home.
His wife asked for his day’s wages, but he did not bring anything. He simply said, “I have worked on a King, and tomorrow he will give his reward.”
The next day he experienced the same thing. No one wants to give him a job. And the second night that they were hungry again. And he answered simply,

“I have two days to work on the King, perhaps the next new wages would be paid.” And there he was looking for a job here and he did not get. During the day he was in the mosque for munajat.
Day three is  FRIDAY. And on that day was once again he did not get a job. Then he went to the mosque, do two rakaat SHALAT, AND THEN HE raised his both hands:
“O Allah, with THE GLORY OF THIS RELIGION, Islam. AND THE GLORY OF THIS is Your Day, please help my family life…”
At the same time, ahead of the arrival time of Friday, there was someone who knocked on his door. And when it was in his house there was only his wife. The man came with a tray covered with cloth. The man then said:
“Take this tray and take it all. This is because the wages of thy husband worked on this Friday. because so little charity on this day, reward many.” Then the man went away.
Are we know who and what is carried by this man?
It turned out that in the tray when the lid is opened cloth, in which fragments containing one thousand dinars. AND WHEN THAT DINAR pieces weighed, the weighing TWO TOUGH TIMES IN THE WORLD!!
Start the next Friday we went to the mosque or Mushalla.
Lift our hands parallel to our shoulders!

Or if the problems we face very heavy, lift HIGHER AGAIN!

Call the Name of Allah!

And say Shalawat to the Prophet 10 times, 20 times, or no matter how we wish to say for him!

Read Yasin to the end, then pray to Allah, Ask!

Read the Al-Hadid to completion, then pray to Allah, ask!

Read Al-Kahf through to completion, then pray to Allah, ask!

Read surah Al Mulk until done, then pray to Allah, ask!

Read Zahrawain (Al-Baqarah and Ali Imraan) until done, then pray to Allah, ask!

Or read any letter that we choose to completion, then pray to Allah, ask everything!
During the 3 hours after Asr on Friday, START TO PRAY!
During the 3 hours after Asr on Friday, START TO ASK!
Because when Maghrib prayer time has come, the fulfilled time will ended….
From now on ask, because it was so long we never ask to Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’alaa…

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