Their prayers had been answered. Now we turn to pray …. (part-3)

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Nur Arif Hidayatmo December 22, 2009 at 9:47

I gave up last Monday, because i did not also get the idea to write in this forum. I tried to not write theory. I am eager to continue to write the article that can move with the permission of Allah. When I read it, I could be moved to practice what I write.

Until the evening I gave up. Maybe the day i off, was opened again next Thursday. Until something willed by God happen.

After Maghrib, a short message came into the cell phone. Want to know what’s inside?


My friend prayers have been answered by Allah. He just gave his life partner criteria through prayers. Maybe every day when he Tahajjud he conveyed his desire to Allah. He also often looked at the sky, and when he looked at the sky, his heart kept praying.

That afternoon i was repeated recitation Surat Al Mulk. But once he sends a message, I’m happy. I’m glad. I smiled to myself until I stop my Quran recitation. Because every i want to read, I laughed and laughed again.

Then I sent a message to him: “You two really heavenly couples.”

You know why?

Because my friend had been praying for 2 years ASKING  this people to Allah!

Then i thought, what a blessing this person. She brings blessing from the heaven. This person requested from the Side of Our Lord by my friend in a long time.  My friend’s prayers Compiled by Allah for 2 years, then by Allah, a women was given to my friend in a long time … subhaanallah, ma  syaa’a Allahu laa haula walaa quwwata illa billaah.

To you happiness in the world and the hereafter. And it is my prayer. Everything was there, in the side of Allah, whatever it is. And my friend knows it. So he asked him to Allah.

“That’s where Zakariya pray to his Lord and said:” O my Lord, GIVE ME FROM THE SIDE of YOU ARE, a good kid. Thou Most listeners prayer. ” (Ali Imraan: 38)

There were grandfathers and grandmothers, they are my grandmother’s childhood friend. The old man had long illness, was 1 year more. They are very old. This grandmother had been praying with jamaah in Mushalla since I was a kid. When I was there, praying for a cure for the grandfather, the grandmother says:

“Grandchildren, i had nothing else except waiting adzan only. And after the prayer finished, i’m waiting for the next adzan only. And that every day. Every night at 2 i woke up, then Tahajjud, and after that I perform  Shalat Hajat. Hopefully all that worship  can be taken off. The Shalat Hajat requests of me, I ask that I’m not going anywhere else because i was weak and old, but rizki come here, to my house. ”
And the prayer was granted by Allah Subhaanahu wata’ala!

Almost every day, bamboo craftsmen around me, basket makers and others, come to Grandma’s house take the results of their handiwork. They asked that old woman who would buy it.

But how to sell all the goods to the market when she had the inconvenience and weak?

Allah is moving the vendors to come to Grandma’s house to pick up and buy the stuff!

Glorified be to Allah above all things.

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